TeamClock & #MyClock

PayrollHero is a time, attendance, scheduling, HRIS, and analytics platform for businesses looking to eliminate unnecessary costs in their operations and HR departments. Our consumer-friendly applications include #MyClock for Android, TeamClock for iOS and Android, and a Google Chrome Web Plug In, all available for free in their respective app stores for your employees to use at your discretion.

PayrollHero lets employees clock in or out by taking a selfie, using geolocation to ensure the correct employee is at the right workplace at the right time. This software effectively eradicates costly ghost employees and buddy punching, cuts down needlessly manual labor-intensive HR duties, and helps put smiles on your employees’ faces every day.

Additionally, PayrollHero’s cloud-based interface allows your schedules, attendance data, employee database, and more to be synced across all devices, so everyone in your business can always be up-to-date and on the same page. No more losing or forgetting schedules, hectically finding last-minute substitutes, inaccurately clocking in, losing employee data, or spending hours every payroll manually typing in attendance data.

Selfie Clock in and Clock out with PayrollHero