The power of PayrollHero's
TeamClock iOS

PayrollHero app TeamClock

Selfie Clock In/Out

Change the way your employees clock in and out for work using PayrollHero's selfie based TeamClock.


PayrollHero schedule view TeamClock

View Schedules

Employees can quickly view their schedules from the iPad so that they know what is expected of them.


PayrollHero app TeamClock

Edit Schedules

Managers are busy, but with PayrollHero's TeamClock iOS they can edit schedules on the fly.


PayrollHero app TeamClock

Customer Feedback

Learn what your customers think of your workforce with our customer feedback tool. See which employees are most liked.


Why settle for a lesser experience?

PayrollHero app TeamClock

Why you should consider an iPad for your TeamClock?

  • Offline capabilities
  • Ability to restrict device to a single app (guided access)
  • Auto update TeamClock iOS app
  • Wifi and cellular option
  • PayrollHero releases new feature to iOS first

But you can get started right away

PayrollHero supports the following

PayrollHero app TeamClock